Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on The book project

Hey EC fans,

Sorry I've been quiet of late. I'm still working on Forged in the Flames, I got delayed by some projects that I hope will in the end benefit Forged and in the end bring more readers to the Earth Crisis Story. Nothing is offcial ye, when it is I'll post here and on Facebook.

Earth Crisis has been on the road in the last year promoting the badass reunion album "To the Death." A full U.S. tour, Europe, Australia and Japan. It's an exciting time for true EC fans. So I'll leave you with this video of Against the Current from their shows last month in Japan.

I also want to take a second to write something about this song. When I first got 'To the death' I loved it. as unpopular as this opinion is I thought it was as strong or stronger than Destroy the machines. But I thought the single/video track "to ashes" and "Against the Current" the other song released on myspace were the weakest two songs on the album. I worried about these songs starting off a record that I thought had it's strongest moments on Track 8,11 and 4.

I expressed my feelings about these songs to Karl and Scott, before I watched them play in San Francisco last may. I even told Karl i thought it sounded like "Snapcase trying to be Path of Resistance." Karl laughed at that. After hearing the song live it grew on me. Them I started to pay attention to how the song is arranged. Musically the song has alot of interesting things going on. Drums most of all. Song grew on me...

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