Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Scott Interviews...

Who is the count now?

Great interview with Scott... on Vampire

Rafi: So to welcome you to our VampireFreaks’ listeners who may not be too familiar with Earth Crisis, how did you guys come together?

Scott Crouse: We got together in 1991, we were fairly young at the time, most of us were around 15 years old. Just a few guys who really wanted to make music together and just grew from there. We saw each other at a lot of the local shows out in New York and Karl had been wanting to put a band together for a long time. There were a lot of different versions of Earth Crisis over the years, he started out a band called Freedom Work, so he eventually got in touch with us and asked us if we wanted to play on a demo he was going to make.

Rafi: You guys started out of Syracuse, and New York being such a place for bands starting out what made you guys truly stand out?

SC: I think at the time in the scene we were playing in, we were really extreme at the time. Most of the bands were coming from a more Punk Hardcore background and we were coming from a more solid Metal background. I think that was who we really were, just a group of metal heads. However what attracted us to the hardcore scene was kind of the ideology of it all, the ethics behind it. Sound wise we were definitely from a metal background. So we certainly stood out playing amongst them, which got us a bit of a negative response at first.

Rafi: Since ‘Destroy the Machines’ I have noticed a strong old school punk influence, which bands inspired you and how?

SC: I was more into the crossover kind of music, the main punk influences for myself was The Misfits and the Dead Kennedys, they were huge influences on me. I know Karl was more into bands like Crass and stuff like that. I think Karl brings more of that punk element into the band, the rest of us were more into music like D.R.I. and The Used. Don’t get me wrong Karl was into them as well, but I think he was more grounded into the old school punk than the rest of us.

Read the whole interview here:

I learned something here...Scott mentions that Karl had a band called Freedom Works. That is news to me. Can anyone from syracuse confirm this, and possibly tell me who was in this project?


Scott with a greek metal site...

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