Monday, March 29, 2010

Full U.S. Warth of Sanity tour 2010 Starts May 5th!

Full U.S. Tour with First Blood and Thick as Blood starts on May 5th. The big news of course is that Andy Hurley (Fall out Boy/Race Traitor/Kill the slavemaster and Vegan Reich)Will be filling in For Dennis Merrick on Drums. Dennis is still in the band and playing a few of the shows but is not able to commit to the whole tour. Dennis is a fantastic drummer and it is shame for those of us who will miss seeing him. at the same time it is great Hurley is filling in. Besides being in one of the most famous Pop bands of the last decade he is a great drummer and bring lots of attention to the tour. I couldn't list all the online articles from Drum magazines to Kerrang the atention paid to this is great for Earth Crisis. I post tour dates soon.

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