Thursday, October 29, 2009

Article about Edge the movie screening in Syracuse paper.

A sample...

What turned you on to Straight Edge?
I was involved with sports and music. I saw kids from an early age, whom I grew up skateboarding with, get into drugs and alcohol. They started skating less and being less enthusiastic about the things they had been passionate about. It was terrifying to watch people I cared about become drug addicts or alcoholics. ... In essence, I was scared straight.

You graduated from Henninger (High School) in 1989. Looking back, that was a pretty crazy time.
It was. I remember our state being in an economic recession. Half of James Street was boarded up. It was wild. Half of downtown was boarded up ... it's much better than it was. I believe the city is starting to rise.

The article is by Hart Seely a local reporter who did several stories in the 90's about Earth Crisis, straight edge and the Animal Defense League.

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