Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Path comic

Chip from one of our sister blogs Xstuck in the pastx has scanned and posted a zip file to Shane Durgee's Straight edge comic zine from 1994. Shane was singer for Framework the band that became Earth Crisis and at the time of the comic was in a band called Gatekeeper which featured members of Green Rage, Beta minus mechanic, and Earth Crisis. Shane also is due to release his first novel North American Primates this fall. I reviewed it on my personal blog. In shameless plug Shane also did the cover art for Scott Crouse's recent solo effort Isolated and my first book Screams from a Dying World.

The story is of a young couple just being introduced to the straight edge scene, a nazi shows up to the show and the girlfriend stands up to the nazi. The band playing on the stage is called Gatekeeper. Chip(stuck in the past) thought it was plug for Shane's band. I am pretty sure this was pre-gatekeeper, due to mailing address on the back cover. The Harvard house was the conviction records address(and everybody else) during the early EC/Framework days but I'm not sure people lived there when gatekeeper was a band. Click on the intro and read it. It's great!

Download One path here:

Thanks Chip and Stuck in the past!

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