Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forged in the Flames Introduction

The story of Earth Crisis is a unique one in the history of music. No other band has had such a deep and fundamental effect on their fans. They influenced a huge number of hardcore kids around the globe to change their lifestyle down to their diets and the way they party. Reaching further and deeper than any other straight edge band before or since the global reach of this band is incredible for an underground act. The popularity of Earth Crisis also brought with it a rise of militant animal and environmental activism and made them much more than just another band. At the same time few bands bring up same intense anger and hatred by their detractors.

Over the next two years I am working on a project to fully document the history and ethics of this legendary act. I will spend this time researching and writing. In the mean time I hope this blog can become a web home for Earth Crisis fans. Here you can follow updates on the book, help me assemble old flyers, pictures, interviews etc.

You can also use this blog to follow the latest news about Earth Crisis, Freya, Path,Veganism, and of course straight edge. You'll also be able to geek out over old flyers, T-shirts, live footage etc. There are lots of ways you can help and in the coming year I will be interviewing Earth crisis fans from all over the world so please stay posted. Lay-out is temporary, and the blog is still a work in progress. Hope you like it.

-Count Agranoff

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